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Boris’ Pink (2006)

Paula Mejía

Paula Mejía is the author of Psychocandy (#118). Find her at paulamejia.com. Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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The 33 1/3 B-Sides

Bloomsbury Academic, 2020

Scholarly Books


...One morning in May, right around when the seasons turned, a former flame and I lay in bed on a too-early Saturday, groaning into our respective pillows. A screwdriver sung into the walls, and a bag of leaden weights, slowly dragged across...

Música Sertaneja

Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Popular Music of the World Volume IX : Genres: Caribbean and Latin America

Bloomsbury Academic, 2014

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... and 1960s, when Mexican actor-singers such as Pedro Infante and Miguel Aceves Mejía became very popular in the country. American Western movies, which attained great popularity in Brazil beginning in the second half of the 1930s, were also...