Kylie Minogue

One of Australia’s most successful pop stars, Kylie Minogue emerged as a television actor and would dominate music through the 1990s. Kylie was born in Melbourne in 1968. Her family regularly moved around the city’s suburbs and thus Kylie found it hard to make friends. At eleven, she began acting on television soap operas and, in 1985, she had her first starring role in The Henderson Kids. She dropped out of school to pursue entertainment and, despite having been written out of the show by the second season, recorded a demo tape for, and performed on, the musical show Young Talent Time in 1985. The next year, she was cast in another soap opera, Neighbors, which became popular in the UK, and led her to become the youngest person to receive the Gold Logie Award for being Australia’s most popular television performer.

In 1987, following a benefit performance, she was signed to Mushroom Records and formally began her singing career. Her cover of the 1962 song “The Loco-Motion,” released in 1987, became the top-selling Australian single of the decade. Her debut album, Kylie, was released in 1988, featured a collection of dance-oriented pop songs, and stayed on the UK Top Albums chart for over a year. The album broke in the United States and, in 1989, Kylie released her second album, Enjoy Yourself, and retired from Neighbors. The album did not perform well abroad and she was dropped from distribution by Geffen Records. In 1990, she embarked on her first solo world tour. Rhythm of Love and Let’s Get to It, released in 1990 and 1991, showed a more mature side of her singing potential, though she returned to dance music when she signed with Deconstruction Records in 1993. With Deconstruction, through 1998, Minogue continued acting and incorporated a broader range of artistry in her music videos and live performances. In 1999 she signed with Parlophone and, in 2001, released “Can’t Get You Out of My Head,” which became a major hit across the globe.

Through the 2010s, she continued to release albums prolifically—2007’s X proved to be a comeback return to form—and she continued her acting work in films and on television. Minogue, who in 2010 was named the most powerful celebrity in Britain, became an icon for the LGBTQA+ movement throughout her career and has used her position to advocate for issues within the community.