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...The work of Canadian singer-songwriter Sarah McLachlan helped to reignite the movement during the 1990s with her female-led Lilith Fair tour series. Born in Nova Scotia in 1968, McLachlan was adopted and learned to play music at a young...

Religion and Spirituality

Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Popular Music of the World Volume I : Media, Industry and Society

Continuum, 2003

Encyclopedia Articles

...Introduction The relationship between popular music and religion has heightened the struggles and accommodations that exist between music and religion in general. Because both music and religion, through performance and ritual...

Adult Contemporary

Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Popular Music of the World Volume VIII : Genres: North America

The Continuum International, 2012

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...The term Adult Contemporary (AC) emerged as a radio format and musical genre designation during the 1970s. Since the late 1970s it has been among the top radio formats in North America. Musically, AC has been characterized as ‘softer...