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...The Panamanian singer, actor, and songwriter Rubén Blades brought a new level of political maturity to the salsa landscape. Born in Panama City in 1948, Blades’s family was involved in the entertainment industry. Influenced at an early age...
...As the international face of Latin American music and culture in the mid-twentieth century, Carmen Miranda emerged from Brazil to become a Hollywood icon. Born in Portugal in 1905, Miranda was christened “Carmen” as a tribute to her...
...As a singer-songwriter and visual artist, Dorival Caymmi provided a significant contribution to the birth of bossa nova in Brazil and its adjacent art forms. Born in Salvador in 1914, Caymmi began to perform on the radio in 1930....
...While João Gilberto cannot be given the distinction of inventing the Brazilian bossa nova form, his participation in the genre provided aesthetic innovation that has helped it maintain its status in musical memory. Born in Bahia, Brazil...

Tito Puente

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...Throughout his career, Chico Buarque’s music and literary compositions were constantly attacked and censored by the government of his native Brazil. Born in 1944 in Rio de Janeiro, Buarque came from a family of academics and artists. His...