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Fela Kuti

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...The Nigerian multi-instrumentalist, Afro-beat bandleader, and activist Fela Kuti brought the sound of radical African jazz to a global audience. He was born in Nigeria in 1938 to an upper middle-class, politically active family. His mother,...


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...Despite a short career, the Afro-rock group the Funkees helped to establish a global audience for Nigerian music. The group was formed initially as an army band during the Nigerian Civil War (1967–1970), when Igbo nationalist interests...
...Considered by Time Magazine to be “Africa’s premier diva,” the contribution of Angélique Kidjo to African pop music exists in an elite category. Born in the French colony of Dahomey, now Benin, in 1960, Kidjo was raised listening...


Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Popular Music of the World Volume VI : Locations: Africa and the Middle East

Continuum, 2016

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...Population 120,047,000 (2002) The Federal Republic of Nigeria covers a land area of 355,770 sq miles (910,770 sq km). Cameroon and Chad border it on the east, Niger on the north, Benin on the west and the Gulf of Guinea...