Peteco Carabajal

A second-generation interpreter of Argentine folk music, Peteco Carabajal helped bring the form into the modern era. Born in the Argentine province of Santiago del Estero in 1954, Carabajal’s father was considered to be the “Father of the Chacarera,” chacarera being the local music and dance. By the age of eighteen, Carabajal had formed the Santiago Trio and recorded his first album. He joined his family’s band, Los Carabajals, in 1975 and performed with it at the family’s own folk festivals and around the world. He formed Los Santiaguenos in 1988 with Juan Saavedra and Jacinto Piedra. Following Piedra’s death in 1991, Carabajal embarked on a solo career and released his first solo album, Encuentros, through EMI. Through 2011, Carabajal released another twelve solo albums and continued to collaborate with a wide variety of artists, including his family.