Born Clifford Prince in 1965 in Walsall, England, Goldie became one of the first stars of England’s jungle-adjacent drum and bass dance music scene. He was put up for adoption by his Scottish-Jamaican parents and spent his childhood moving from home to home, all the while fascinated with the emerging hip-hop culture. By 1986 he was break dancing in Wolverhampton and appeared in a British documentary about graffiti, Bombing. He went to New York and Miami but returned to England in 1988 and eventually met fellow hip-hop enthusiasts who introduced him to breakbeat, which was a precursor of jungle, at the Rage nightclub in 1991. He met Dego and Mark Mac, whose Reinforced Records company was developing a more artistic approach to drum and bass, which Goldie studied closely. Goldie’s first single was recorded with Iceland’s Ajax Project, but in 1992 he recorded two tracks as Metalheadz through Reinforced. He broke into the jungle scene in 1993 with “Terminator,” which exhibited his innovative “time-stretching” technique. He formed Metalheadz Records as a repository for jungle artists and developed many through the late 1990s. In 1995 he signed with London Records and released his major-label debut, Timeless. The following year he opened for Björk on her American tour, which resulted in the two having a brief engagement. He continued to release albums to mixed reviews, and remixed music. Through the 2000s Goldie appeared on a series of British panel, reality, and documentary shows including Celebrity Big Brother and Strictly Come Dancing.