Slint's Spiderland




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Slint's Spiderland

Scott Tennent

Scott Tennent is a senior writer and editor at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and was previously an editor at Princeton Architectural Press. He writes about music at the blog Pretty Goes With Pretty, an ongoing preoccupation since 2006. Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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Slint's Spiderland
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Of all the seminal albums to come out in 1991-the year of Nevermind, Loveless, Ten, and Out of Time, among others-none were quieter, both in volume and influence, than Spiderland, and no band more mysterious than Slint. Few single albums can lay claim to sparking an entire genre, but Spiderland -all six songs of it-laid the foundation for post rock in the 1990s. Yet for so much obvious influence, both the band and the album remain something of a puzzle.

This thoroughly researched book is the first substantive attempt to break through some of the mystery surrounding Spiderland and the band that made it. Scott Tennent has written a long overdue look at this remarkable album and its origins, delving into the small, insular musical universe that included bands like Squirrel Bait, Maurice, Bitch Magnet, and Bastro. The story, helped by in-depth interviews with band members David Pajo and Todd Brashear, explores the formation of Slint, the recording of Tweez, and the band's dramatic move into the sound of Spiderland.