Song of the North Country

Song of the North Country: A Midwest Framework to the Songs of Bob Dylan

by David Pichaske

David Pichaske is Professor of English at Southwest Minnesota State University. He is the author of many books, several related to rural literature and themes, including Rooted: Six Midwest Writers of Place. He has published on a range of subjects from rock music and American culture to T.S. Eliot and Chaucer. A three-time Fulbright Lecturer to Central Europe and Outer Mongolia, Pichaske is the author of Poland in Transition: 1989-1991. As editor of Spoon River Poetry Press, Pichaske has published Leo Dangel, Bill Holm, Norbert Blei, Linda Hasselstrom, Bill Kloefkorn, and Dave Etter, among significant rural writers. He first published on Dylan in 1972. Author affiliation details are correct at time of print publication.

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Continuum, 2010
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    978-1-5013-3065-0 (online)

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    First Edition
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    New York
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Song of the North Country
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A remarkably fresh piece of Dylan scholarship, focusing on the profound impact that his Midwestern roots have had on his songs, politics, and prophetic character.